Do a thing a day

I haven’t felt like drawing much but a friend gifted me some Copics Classic markers and I’ve decided to practice on that with some drawings that I already had inked. This one is from an OC of mine and my friend Tara’s (on the left). 

In order to get my groove back (hah), i gotta keep doing stuff even if its just “simple” things like coloring. This one was a mix of Copics and Prismacolor markers with some gelpen highlights. Some OCs for ya this time around, Kenny (on left) belongs to and Chang belongs to me.

#CopicClassic #CopicSketch #PrismacolorMarkers #whitegelpen 


Trying to work out of this funk

Got some new copic markers thanks to a friend so I wanted to try them out! What better way than to color yours truly, #Vegeta ! 

I used prismacolor markets for the grays, everything else was with the copics. I did ink it with a #pentelpen and did do white highlights with a #whitegelpen on various parts. 

Should get on schedule

I haven’t been drawing a whole lot lately what with work taking up most of my time and me really just wanting to sleep most of the time… I finally finished a sketch I’d done a long time ago and finalized today.


Its Tara Armstrong’s OC Kenny holding two ferrets.
I’ve been trying to fall back into a sort of schedule for drawings, even if its just some quick sketching (probably not gonna post any of those though). It’s just been a little difficult with the work load lately and me just kinda wanting to not think too hard about anything lately. Anyway, enjoy!

S.H.Figuarts Body-Kun and Body-Chan



So yay! I finally got them in the mail! It only took about a month (although to be fair, they came from overseas!).

S.H.Figuarts Body-Kun and Body-Chan DX Set in Solid black color.
These are very pose-able at every joint (neck, wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist, legs, knees, feet and even the tipy-toes!)

It comes with a stand to hold said figurine. It also comes with a holding part to the stand so if you need to do a levitating or jumping pose, it can hold said figure in place. (like below):

The same stand does double feature  as a case for the smaller pieces like different hand poses and items such as a katana (featured) and a smartphone.

Body-chan with katana attachment and closed fist hand attachment (on the right)

Here’s a better view of the joints on the doll.

The figurine itself is actually pretty small, and the attachments even smaller (gotta be careful not to lose them!) but it’ll be great in getting a more realistic type of drawing figurine to use as a base to draw.

I added more pictures below.
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