Do a thing a day

I haven’t felt like drawing much but a friend gifted me some Copics Classic markers and I’ve decided to practice on that with some drawings that I already had inked. This one is from an OC of mine and my friend Tara’s (on the left). 

In order to get my groove back (hah), i gotta keep doing stuff even if its just “simple” things like coloring. This one was a mix of Copics and Prismacolor markers with some gelpen highlights. Some OCs for ya this time around, Kenny (on left) belongs to and Chang belongs to me.

#CopicClassic #CopicSketch #PrismacolorMarkers #whitegelpen 


Trying to work out of this funk

Got some new copic markers thanks to a friend so I wanted to try them out! What better way than to color yours truly, #Vegeta ! 

I used prismacolor markets for the grays, everything else was with the copics. I did ink it with a #pentelpen and did do white highlights with a #whitegelpen on various parts. 

Should get on schedule

I haven’t been drawing a whole lot lately what with work taking up most of my time and me really just wanting to sleep most of the time… I finally finished a sketch I’d done a long time ago and finalized today.


Its Tara Armstrong’s OC Kenny holding two ferrets.
I’ve been trying to fall back into a sort of schedule for drawings, even if its just some quick sketching (probably not gonna post any of those though). It’s just been a little difficult with the work load lately and me just kinda wanting to not think too hard about anything lately. Anyway, enjoy!