S.H.Figuarts Body-Kun and Body-Chan



So yay! I finally got them in the mail! It only took about a month (although to be fair, they came from overseas!).

S.H.Figuarts Body-Kun and Body-Chan DX Set in Solid black color.
These are very pose-able at every joint (neck, wrists, elbows, shoulders, waist, legs, knees, feet and even the tipy-toes!)

It comes with a stand to hold said figurine. It also comes with a holding part to the stand so if you need to do a levitating or jumping pose, it can hold said figure in place. (like below):

The same stand does double feature  as a case for the smaller pieces like different hand poses and items such as a katana (featured) and a smartphone.

Body-chan with katana attachment and closed fist hand attachment (on the right)

Here’s a better view of the joints on the doll.

The figurine itself is actually pretty small, and the attachments even smaller (gotta be careful not to lose them!) but it’ll be great in getting a more realistic type of drawing figurine to use as a base to draw.

I added more pictures below.
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